I made a last-minute decision to enter my 2 cars in the Auctions America by RM Labor Day auction in Auburn, Indiana. I decided on a Monday, and my cars were scheduled to be auctioned that Friday, just 4 days later! I called all the major classic car carriers and at least 10 others out of Hemmings, and everyone told me NO WAY they could get my cars from California to Indiana in time, which was very discouraging. Then I was referred to Ace American Transport, who said they could get them there early, within 3 days, and the price they quoted me was VERY fair. Since I’d never heard of them, I was EXTREMELY skeptical, especially after they told me they’d have to wait for an already scheduled pickup that Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles before they could head East, and they had to make already scheduled drops in Denver and St. Louis before they could deliver my cars in Auburn. But I had no other option, so I decided to trust them. What a great decision that proved to be! Not only did they deliver my cars early as promised, within 2 days, but they also called me after every pickup and drop-off to reassure me that everything was still on schedule- something I’ve never experienced in my over 20 years of moving MANY classic cars. I cannot recommend them highly enough for their excellent customer service, professionalism, honesty, and for doing exactly what they said they would do, on time and on schedule, with no damage.

Please feel free to contact me for confirmation of the above.